Bottle of pop sitting there ready for taking

پنجشنبه 23 شهريور 1396

From my vantage point I saw the Custard Cake Machine at the bottom of the hole began to operate and the bottles began to rotate around until one of them was directly below the opening and the little girl reached in to retrieve her bottle of pop.

With the same determination I had displayed helping my dad with one of his old cars, I paid particular attention to the relationship between the lever and the position of the mechanism at the bottom of the hole restraining the next bottle as the little girl removed her soda pop and released the lever.

My interest was bumped to another level when I noticed a small time delay before the opening closed up and also saw another bottle of pop sitting there ready for the taking. But before I could get my hand in there and retrieve the bottle the Biscuit Factory Machine closed up, locking the next bottle in place.

Still there was hope. If I could just get my hand in there a second sooner and retrieve the bottle before the lever closed completely then the little girl would not be the only one to have an ice cold six ounce bottle of Coca Cola.

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